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Leading During Times of Uncertainty

Over the past few weeks, our lives have changed. Things we took for granted are suddenly no longer opportunities. As of this post, many parts of the world are locked down due to a pandemic, and countless people everywhere are curtailing their daily activities. It’s...

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Five qualities of an effective leader

Good leaders get things done. They build successful companies, motivate and often mentor the people who work for them and earn the respect of their colleagues, customers and others in their orbits. They work tirelessly, set goals, continually evaluate...

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How Your Company Can Leverage Blockchain Technology

When people think of blockchain technology, they naturally think about how it enables companies and individuals to conduct online transactions in a transparent, decentralized, peer-to-peer way. It’s an innovative financial model. But blockchain isn’t limited to...

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Building a Winning Team – Why It’s So Important

One of the major considerations when starting or growing a company is assembling the right combination of people to not only make your vision a reality, but to manage all necessary functions and complete all needed tasks on a daily basis. Once selected and onboarded,...

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