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One of the major considerations when starting or growing a company is assembling the right combination of people to not only make your vision a reality, but to manage all necessary functions and complete all needed tasks on a daily basis. Once selected and onboarded, these are the team members you will collaborate with and challenge, entrust with running your company and keeping your customers satisfied, celebrate victories with, and spend long hours around the table with as you put your heads together to solve problems. In a very real way, they’re your second family.

Whether you’re posting employment ads in hopes of attracting a large pool of candidates or recruiting specific individuals, there are a number of specific things you’ll want to consider as you build your team. Here are five of them.

Define your business culture and look for people who fit into it.

Every company has a specific culture, a way in which employees work and interact. The culture is defined in large part by the team leader, who sets the tone, articulates expectations and establishes policies. Some companies are very structured, formal and hierarchical in their work practices, while others are looser, more casual and flexible. It’s important to consider what type of culture you want your company to have and hire people who will fit well into it. As you begin building your team you will find people with all types of personalities and work styles. That’s a good thing. The key is to determine which of those people will be most likely to thrive in your company, be productive and mesh well with fellow employees. Many companies today are asking applicants to complete tests prior to interview consideration that are said to assess a potential employee’s personality and how well they might fit into your culture.

Identify people who share your passion and drive.

You’ll want to hire people who have a passion for what your company does. In today’s ever-changing world, innovation and ideas are valuable commodities. As a business leader, it’s incumbent on you to articulate your mission and vision to those who work in your company, and to ensure that everyone brought into the company is on the same page. In other words, they must view their role in the company as important, and always bring their A-game and “whatever it takes” attitude to the office. If you’re all getting excited about the same things, working toward the same outcomes and putting in the time and energy to make things happen, you’ll have a winning team.

Hire and nurture self-starters.

One of the great things about being on a winning team is the opportunity to apply one’s skills to contribute toward a common goal. Self-starters bring ideas, work hard and often have an entrepreneurial attitude. People with these qualities can be very valuable team members. But you have to give them some autonomy and nurture them so they’ll continue to bring a positive mindset. Don’t micromanage, but encourage. Give them the space they need to do great work, and let them know you appreciate their contributions. Very often, these are the employees who will make excellent managers. And those you can eventually entrust with more important responsibilities.

Encourage give and take.

While it takes a certain level of confidence to start and run a company, and a strong degree of patience to sustain it, sometimes even a little bit of ego can create a big problem. This is why it’s really important to allow your team members the opportunity to shine. Encourage your employees to bring their ideas and questions to you and emphasize the need for continual teamwork and provide forums for group discussion. For example, a weekly team meeting gives everyone an equal platform for talking about projects, seeking help where needed and providing updates and progress reports. Keep it positive, upbeat and respectful. Teammates who work well together and know they’re supported by their leader can accomplish many great things.